Sunday, September 16, 2012

OXFORD: Fun Facts

At the 2012 alumni weekend a copy of "Oxford in Brief" was given to all alums. Here are some highlights:

Student Body

Oxford has more than 21,000 students, of which 11,800 are undergraduates and 9,600 are postgraduates.
One-third of students are not British citizens - 16% of undergraduates and 61% of postgraduates.
Countries sending the most students:
USA, 1,513
China, 801
Germany, 767
Canada, 418
India, 354
Australia, 276
Italy, 244
Ireland, 228
France, 221
Singapore, 206

The undergraduate subjects that attract 300 or more students each are:
Biochemistry 359
Biological Sciences 330
Chemistry 716
Classics 441
Engineering Science
English 689
History 707
Law 697
Mathematics 610
Medicine 975
Modern Languages 777
Philosophy, Politics and Economics 736
Physics 587

The 8,399 full-time staff of the university (excluding those employed solely by the colleges or by Oxford University Press) are distributed as follows:
Academic 1,542
Research 2,884
Teaching and research support 342
Administrative 1,617
Finance 288
Computing 481
Library 286
Museum 68
Technical and crafts 570
Ancillary 321

The university has records of 180,000 alumni, with nearly 200 alumni groups in 80 countries.

Six months after graduating, the income of Oxford alumni working full time is 20% higher than the UK average.

While 36% of graduates of UK universities go into professional occupations, the figure for Oxford is 56%.


Oxford University spent £908.2 million in FY 2011, not counting the money spent by all the individual colleges. Of this amount:
41% came from external research grants,
22% from government grants for teaching and research,
17% from the Oxford University Press, from research royalties, and gifts from foundations and individuals,
17% from tuition and other fees, and
3% from investment income.

Total annual income of the 36 colleges=£300 million, of which
30% comes from their endowments,
25% from academic fees and government funding,
20% from residential income,
10% from gifts, and
15% from conferences and other activities.
Median wealth of colleges is £42 million, and the average is £81 million. The five wealthiest colleges have £1.2 billion in endowment and the five poorest have less than £50 million.

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