Saturday, September 7, 2013

OAKLEY: SunClock, First Precise Sun Dial

Brilliant Sun Clock In Use on Location. Invented by
Dr. C. G. Oakley.
Oxford D.Phil. alumnus Christopher G. Oakley has invented the #SunClock, which can be read with accuracy to within ten minutes.

The sun dial at left, installed in East Hampton, shows the pointer at 5:30 p.m., based on a sun tracker identified by weekly Saturday-Sunday readings.

Note how much more sun there is in August than in November (not to mention December).

The location for which the #SunClock reader is printed out is given at lower right.

Dr. Oakley has printed out the expected trajectory of the pointer for the second half of the year. He is able to do any six months for any year. It will vary year by year.

On the other side of the laminated #SunClock printout are the weekly trajectories for the rest of the year (January-July).

If you wish to obtain your own #SunClock, contact cgoakley at (Disclosure: The inventor is my nephew Chris.)