Thursday, April 23, 2015

BOAT RACE: 82nd NYC Dinner 2015

The program is posted here.

Links to photos and remarks are posted if and when received.

Boat Race Events in North America - 2015.

The History of Boat Race Dinners in North America.


6:30 pm

7:30 pm

Sally Fan (Green Templeton, Oxford)

Introduction of Fr. Leahy
Antonia Apps (Magdalen, Oxford)

Fr. Edwin Leahy

Introduction of Seth Lesser
Antonia Apps

The Boat Races
Seth Lesser (Magdalen, Oxford)

Introduction of Peter Sealy
Antonia Apps

Toast to the President
Peter Sealy (Pembroke, Cambridge)

Introduction of John Tepper Marlin
Antonia Apps

Toast to the Queen
John Tepper Marlin (Trinity, Oxford)

In 1740 Thomas Arne wrote the original music for James Thomson's patriotic poem for a unified Britain, "Rule, Britannia! Britannia, rule the waves!"
At that time, Britain's ruling the waves was aspirational. But it became a reality. 
On Tuesday, Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her 89th birthday. She has completed the 63rd year of her reign.

Over the many years, she has unforgettably mastered three different waves.

First, the erase-the-blackboard wave. 

Second, the wipe-the-window wave.
Finally, the wave for which she is best known, the screw-in-the-light-bulb wave.

It is hard for me to imagine the darkness of a world without her.  

Please be upstanding.
Ladies and Gentlemen... The Queen.
Introduction of Paul Bernstein
Antonia Apps

Toast to the Universities
Paul Bernstein (Jesus, Cambridge)

Introduction of Herve Gouraige
Antonia Apps

Introduction of Steve Trachtenberg
Herve Gouraige (Merton, Oxford)

Response from the Universities
Steve Trachtenberg (Nuffield, Oxford)

Closing Remarks
Antonia Apps

Saturday, April 11, 2015

BOAT RACE: Outcome 2015

The Oxford and Cambridge Men's and Women's Varsity Crews, 2015. This is the first day that both the men's and women's
Boat Races were held on the same day, over the same course.
To watch the Oxford-Cambridge BNY Mellon-Newton Boat Races with some suspense - if you don't already know the outcome - the various sources below are arrayed with the most suspenseful first and the least suspenseful later.

Putney to Mortlake - two stops on the train.
You have been warned not to skip to the end of this post to find out the results.

This was a race with historic meaning because it is the first one in which the women compete over the same course on the same day as the men. This was a long-running goal of the sponsor of the women's race, Newton Investment Management.

German TV Clip on YouTube shows the entire men's varsity race with no advertising. Watch the whole race - beautifully recorded and, it seems, the first to be posted online.

The BBC Story includes two clips showing finishing half-minute of both varsity races (men's and women's), each preceded by a half-minute of advertising.

Interviews with the rowers after the races by Universal Sports

The Guardian

The Telegraph emphasizes the outcome of the women's race.

Daily Mail.

Daily Mirror

The Independent

Other Media (more than 200 articles/clips)

Spoiler coming

Quick Recap:

Oxford, heavily favored, won every race - the varsity men's and women's races and the two reserve boat races.

The Oxford women's boat has won 12 of the last 16 races against Cambridge.

Cambridge maintain a lead over the life of the Boat Race, for both of the Blue Boat races - the varsity men's boat (79 Cambridge, 81 Oxford) and the varsity women's boat (41 Cambridge, 29 Oxford).

Friday, April 10, 2015

OXFORD LAW: Ian Turvill to Head Law School

Ian Turvill, Chicago.
April 10, 2015 – Ian Turvill has been active for many years with John Morrison in organizing Chicago's annual Oxford-Cambridge Boat Race Dinner, which takes place tonight.

Unless there are two Ian Turvills, he will be heading to Oxford to lead the Oxford University Law School. So there will be more than one farewell. (I have since been advised that there may indeed be two Ian Turvills who are Oxford-connected lawyers.)

I would be tempted to go to this history-making Boat Race Dinner, but I am in a different city–Boston–for someone's birthday party.

Ian is a lawyer and an expert on the marketing of legal services. Ambulance-chasing has given lawyers a bad rep–apparently there are more discrete ways of showing up at the right time and making one's skills known to the decision-makers at that time.

The Law School at Oxford is ranked #2 in the world after Harvard by QS.

The Chicago BRD tonight at the University Club features Prof. J. N. P. ("Nick") Rawlins (Univ.), Oxford's Pro-Vice-Chancellor. Also Sir Ivor Crewe (Exeter, Oxford) and Charles R. Conn III (Balliol), Warden of Rhodes House, Oxford. Black tie optional.

This will be the 50th dinner organized by John Morrison (New Mexico and Univ.), and he has announced it will be his last (he may be congratulated at

The new organizer is James C. Dunlop (LMH) of Jones Day, For Boat Race information throughout Illinois, the Oxford Society coordinator is

The history of the Boat Race Dinners in the United States and Canada may be found here.