Tuesday, August 4, 2015

BOAT RACE: 17th NYC BRD 1949 - Speakers and Menu

This is the first of the menus that I have in my possession, thanks to Quentin Keith (Kings, Cambridge), who passed on to me the earliest menu provided here and many others.

His granddaughter was accepted at Oriel College, Oxford to study physics in 1995.

Other estates that may have early menus among their papers might be those of Committee members in 1949 or 1955.

The Committee list in 1949 was much shorter than in 1955 and the only overlap is Louis B. Warren:
Lawrence C. Hill (BNC, Oxford)
Leslie A. Hyam (Trinity, Cambridge)
John C. Jenkins (Corpus Christi, Cambridge)
James B. Orrick (New College, Oxford)
H. Gregory Thomas (Corpus Christi, Cambridge)
R. A. van der Straeten (Pembroke, Cambridge)
Louis B. Warren (Trinity, Oxford)
John A. Wells (Balliol, Oxford)
H. N. Wilcox (St. John's, Oxford)

The 1955 Committee was:
L. A. Astley-Bell (Pembroke, Cambridge)
Charles G. Bolte (New College, Oxford)
Candler Cobb (Oriel, Oxford)
Bruce F. E. Harvey (BNC, Oxford) - Chairman of the dinner before Denis Woodfield, who preceded me.
Cedric R. Lane (Pembroke, Cambridge)
Malcolm A. MacIntyre (BNC, Oxford)
John M. Martin (Hertford, Oxford)
C. F. Martineau (Univ., Oxford)
V. J. D. Stavridi (Ch.Ch., Oxford)
John Treadwell (Ch.Ch., Oxford) [He died in 1968 or 1969]
Louis B. Warren (Trinity, Oxford)
Hobart G. Weekes (Exeter, Oxford)
G. N. T. Widdrington (SEH, Oxford)
Rivington Winant (Balliol, Oxford)

I have a complete file of dinner menus except for the following years:

1933-1948, 1950-53, 1972, 1977-78.

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