Monday, October 12, 2015

OXFORD: On Inviting Hitler to Speak in 1933

Paul von Hindenburg, President of Germany,
appointed Adolf Hitler Chancellor. 
Oct. 12, 2015 – The Practical Ethics blogsite at Oxford Univ. poses a question in the context of a recent  invite to Marine LePen of France.

How would you feel–i.e., what are the ethical issues–if it was 1933 and you were an officer of the Oxford Union considering an invitation to Chancellor Hitler?

A number of factors could be considered:
  • The Oxford Union is a society independent of Oxford University (but I note that the Practical Ethics blogsite is copyright by Oxford University).
  • Hitler became Chancellor of Germany in January, so his official status was beyond question. 
  • Oxford appears to have had a special status in the eyes of Germany and in the eyes of Hitler.
  • Hitler had expressed extreme racial views in Mein Kampf, but his views were not widely known because few took him seriously. The book did not sell well when it first came out in 1925. The English translation My Battle did not come out until 1933.
What do you think?

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