Saturday, January 30, 2016

RHODES: Oriel to Keep Statue

The Colossus of Rhodes (Punch)
Last month on Christmas Day I posted something on the campaign calling for Oriel College to remove both a plaque and a statue of Cecil Rhodes. My headline was "Monument-Trashing at Oxford," which gives the flavor of where I came down on the question.

Oriel's listening period on the subject of Cecil Rhodes seems to be over. I speculate it might have something to do with Oxford's new vice chancellor, Louise Richardson.

She has the moral authority to take a strong position about colonial repression, coming as she does from Ireland, which arguably suffered as much under Oliver Cromwell–with unarguably fewer benefits–as South Africa did under Rhodes. She said the discussion was
a distraction from the much bigger issues. What’s positive about this whole "Rhodes Must Fall" movement is that it’s drawing attention to our history. We need to confront our history.
The Empire-wistful Telegraph has been covering the subject intensively. It argues that the Provost has been dithering over making a decision, while alumni donors have been withdrawing their support for the college.

Meanwhile, what about the plaque?

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