Tuesday, September 5, 2017

OXFORD | Historical Calendar

4th Annual NYC Area Oxford-Cambridge
Alumni Boat Race, 2008. Naugatuck Rowing
Club, Westport, Connecticut. Oxford mixed boat.
The following historical calendar of Oxford-college- related events is in formation.

Oxford college connections are noted.

11Tolkien Heirs Sue New Line Cinema for $150 Million. 2008, settled 2009. Tolkien attended Exeter, Oxford. Fellow at Merton, Oxford.

23 – Baedeker Raids Start. 1942. Oxford was spared. Why, do you suppose?

1 – Joseph Heller1923. St Catz, Oxford.

1 – Hong Kong Returned to China. 1997. Chris Patten, Balliol, Oxford.

11 – Laurence Binyon, Poet, born.  1869.  Trinity, Oxford 1888.

3 – Stars and Stripes First Flown in BattleLawrence Washington, Brasenose, Oxford.

9 – Noel Godfrey Chavasse. 1884. Trinity, Oxford. Only person to receive the Victoria Cross with bar in World War I.
24 – St Catherine's Feast Day.  St Catz is named after her and her wheel is in the college arms.

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