Thursday, March 15, 2018

OXFORD-CAMBRIDGE DINNER | New York City's 85th, April 5

The late Stephen Hawking as an Oxford
undergraduate, coxing the Univ 2nd Eight.
The 2018 Boat Race will be on March 24. 

Both men's and women's boat races will be held that day.

A festive dinner to celebrate the event will be held at the University Club in New York on Thursday, April 5. It will be the 85th consecutive uninterrupted boat race dinner in New York City. As usual, the dress code for men is black tie or boat club blazer. (The dinner program and some remarks are posted.)

The Newark Boys Chorus will sing the American and British national anthems and their own song.

For further details and to reserve a place or two, go to the Cambridge University website.

Information on the 2017 NYC Boat Race Dinner and the 83 previous boat race dinners in New York may be found here. The outcome of the Boat Race in 2017 may be found here.

More information on the 2018 Boat Race may be found on the Oxford-Cambridge NYC Boat Race Dinner site or on the official boat race site.

A brief history of the boat race says that the boats use "much the same equipment as in 1829." Well, yes, if you don't consider significant the improving outrigger of the earliest years, the move from a wherry to a flat shell, the offset oarlocks, and above all the sliding seats starting in 1869 and the composite shells in the 20th century. See my review of boat innovations for more details.

On April 16, I will be giving a presentation on the Oxford colleges' coats of arms to the Oxford University Society in London (at the Oxford-Cambridge Club).  I will be posting details shortly here.

The next evening, I will be talking to the Oxford-Cambridge Club membership about the coats of arms of the Oxford and Cambridge colleges. This event is nearly sold out, one month in advance.

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