Wednesday, March 28, 2018

BLOG VIEWS: 250K, Top 10 in March

This blog has just passed the 250,000-views mark. Thank you for reading. The views of all of the blogs I maintain is over two million.

The most-read post over the lifetime of the blog is the second one below, on Hitler's not having bombed Oxford.

That was a reason that the late Stephen Hawking (see memorial comments below) advanced, at the opening of his book of essays (Black Holes and Baby Universes, 1994), for his parents' having moved from London to Oxford just before he was born. He said:  
I was born in Oxford, even though my parents were living in London. This was because Oxford was a good place to be born during World War II: The Germans had an agreement that they would not bomb Oxford and Cambridge, in return for the British not bombing Heidelberg and Göttingen.
Here are the ten most-read posts in this blog during the past month.

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