Saturday, April 21, 2018

SHOTOVER HILL, Oxon | Orangerie at Work, April 2018

Sunset, Good Wine and Good Food. Inauguration of the Orangerie
with Dinner. L to R: Alice, Chris. Photos by JT Marlin.
Edinburgh, April 21, 2018 – Earlier this week I was in Oxford and was the designated photographer at a celebration of the completion of an Orangerie at "Mouette" on Old Road, Shotover Hill.

My nephew Chris decided on an Orangerie (a cross between a gazebo, a conservatory and an observatory) to make better use of the hill behind his house. 

It is now an outstanding place to have a drink and a meal as the sun goes down.

Shotover Hill is a uniquely British wildlife preserve/park/hiking trail in the Headington area. It still doesn't have street numbers so good luck trying to find a house on the hill.

Headington Quarry at the base is where C. S. Lewis used to spend time. He is buried at the local Holy Trinity Church. Shotover Hill also has a brewery that produces craft beers.
Toast to Goal Completed.

I don't know whether this is allowed, but some of that craft beer sitting in that graveyard might be an alternative venue to the Orangerie. The graveyard is closer to sea level but it would certainly not be Low Church.

Levels 1-3, with two more in front of the house.

Looking Down (1)

Looking Down (2)

Looking Down (3)

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  1. This building was inspired by the Haddonstone Orangerie: It replaced a greenhouse and an alpine hut that were there previously. A lot of concrete, a lot of cast stone and a lot of glass, and I am hoping to actually grow citrus in it which, after all, is what Orangeries are for. Thanks, John for the pictures. Believe it or not, I plan to jet wash the paths soon.