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HERALDRY | Kellogg College. (Updated May 21)

Kellogg College Arms
Blazon Per pale indented argent and azure in the argent a chevron enhanced gules in base a book azure leaved argent on the azure an ear of wheat or all within a bordure gules.

Authority Arms granted 1999.

Founded 1994 from plan initiated 1990.

Nominee The U.S. cereal manufacturer maker W[ill] K[eith] Kellogg, who started his company in 1906 in Battle Creek, Michigan and his foundation in 1930. The Kellogg Foundation funded the creation of the College.

Meaning Kellogg support is symbolized by the ear (also called a spike or head, each with 20-30 grains or kernels) of wheat (sinister side), which is an attributed symbol of the Kellogg Foundation.  The book (dexter) represents learning without the link to the Bible and piety evoked by Latin words as in older arms, under a chevron suggesting shelter. 
Kellogg Tie, Scarf. 
All photos by JT
Marlin, 29 Apr 2018.

Special Features: Kellogg has a special place in the heart of Oxford University's Chancellor, Lord Patten of Barnes. In March 2015, at the 25th Anniversary of the College's foundation, he described Kellogg as one of the “jewels in the crown” of the University.

Lord Patten's strong support of the college was for its providing greater access to higher education at the graduate level to those who are unable to become full-time residential students.

Kellogg Cups and Pot.
This is especially important for people from older age groups, or who are at a distance from Oxford. 

Kellogg is Oxford’s most internationally diverse college based on the number of international students, the number of countries from which the students come, and the spread of degree programs that students undertake.

Kellogg students study in programs such as International Human Rights Law, Sustainable Urban Development, and Evidence-Based Health Care. 

Pot and Sauce Boat.
Use of Arms The photos provide samples of the use of the arms at Kellogg College. 


Cup, Etched.
Kellogg is one of Oxford's newest colleges and is dedicated solely to providing a place for continuing-education students. 

It is a college brand generated from commercial branding. The spike of wheat says it all.

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