Wednesday, May 2, 2018

HERALDRY LINKS | Alphabetical

OXFORD COLLEGES AND PPHS (23 done, 21 to do😊)
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All Souls
Balliol College
Blackfriars Hall
Campion Hall
Kellogg College (Updated May 12)~
Lady Margaret Hall (a College) (May 19, 2018)~
Linacre (Updated May 13, 2018)~
Lincoln (Updated May 15, 2018)~
Mansfield College (Updated May 13, 2018)~
Oriel College (Updated May 15, 2018)~
Regent's Park College (a PPH) (Updated May 15, 2018)~
St Antony's College (Updated May 12, 2018)~
St Benet's Hall (a PPH) (Updated May 13, 2018)~
St Catherine's (St Catz, Updated May 14, 2018) ~
St Cross (Updated May 16, 2018) ~
St Edmund Hall (a College) (Updated May 16, 2018)~
St Hilda's (May 19, 2018) ~
St Hugh's (May 19,2018)~
St John's (May 20, 2018)
St Peter's (Updated May 16, 2018)~
Trinity (Updated May 15, 2018)~
Wolfson (May 20, 2018)

Beer, Branding and Paul Walton
Coat of Arms v. Crest, reply to Robert Parker (Trinity 1967)
George Washington's Arms and the Stars and Stripes I, Huffington Post
George Washington's Arms and the Stars and Stripes II (Sulgrave)
GW's Arms – Selby or Trinity, Which Is Older? (2018)
Martlets (2018)
Richmond Herald (2018)
Scotsmen Inspired the Patriots (2018)
Simple Heraldry Is Fun
Sinister Questions
Stars in the Oxford College Arms
The Arms of Douglas, Moray and de Vere,
U.S. Arms | The American College of Heraldry (2018)
Visit to the Lord Lyon in Edinburgh (2018)
What's Your Blazon?, article in Oxford Today, 2015
What's Your Blazon? Oxford Heraldry Society Likes

Oxford Birthdays | April
Oxford Birthdays | May
Oxford–The First Seven Centuries (May 16, 2018)
Oxford's Rapid Expansion
Oxford Arms Superlinks . Heraldry Links (Alphabetical)

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